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Перевод: widespread speek widespread

широко распространенный


  1. Secondary infection with other bacteria sometimes occurs and there may be widespread tissue destruction leading to loss of the penis in some cases.
  2. We will also look briefly at the more trivial, but widespread, crimes of employee theft - "fiddling at work" - as an example of another aspect of work-related crime.
  3. And nobody even knows the full extent of contamination by trihalomethanes - other suspected carcinogens - except that it is widespread.
  4. The only widespread bond that clearly separated some of them from Russians was their Catholicism, but it also separated them from fellow Belorussians.
  5. How come I feel so well when the cancer is so widespread?
  6. This combination of a strictly limited set of measures, and their application only to new housing, goes a very long way to explaining why public ignorance of these matters is so widespread in Britain.
  7. A further unforeseen difficulty for schools doing any kind of agricultural work has been the widespread drought of the mid-1980s, which is still affecting some parts of the country.
  8. He lay with his arms widespread, one hand tight clutched in a clump of grasses as though in the last convulsive movement of death.
  9. First of all, the case made it clear that in some circumstances statements of protest alone, however well argued and legitimate, were not sufficient to stop library censorship, particularly if it was widespread and co-ordinated.
  10. Integrated pest management will undoubtedly become more widespread once meteorologists, engineers, biologists and systems analysts - to name only a few - all work together.
  11. Fresh elections are pending in three of Spain's 52 constituencies after judges annulled the results, citing widespread irregularities.
  12. In Barra and adjacent islands, machair is widespread but occurs as discrete bayhead units, although Eoligarry machair is a distinctive peninsula joining the northern part of Barra to the central massif.
  13. The over-simple assumptions widespread in the early 1980s that controlling the supply of money would in some way affect inflation (the removal of which would introduce a period of substantial growth) must be considered as being unsound.

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