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Перевод: widgeon

дикая утка [зоол.]


  1. They had spent the time wandering round the Reserve, watching the widgeon ducks and other wildfowl paddling in the lagoon close to the sea.
  2. Privately owned Widgeon ZK-CAF is now the only reminder of the Kiwi connection with Grumman amphibians.
  3. Many, many species of different birds have come; Kingfishers, Teal, Widgeon, Tufted, Patchog , Mandarin, wild duck, wild geese, swans, the lot.
  4. Rutland Water is particularly important for overwintering wild ducks and other wildfowl, including gadwall, widgeon, teal, shoveler, goosander, tufted duck, great-crested grebe, mute swan and coot.
  5. A Mitubishi video recorder worth 475 was stolen in a burglary at a house in Widgeon Road, Darlington, between Friday evening and the early hours of Saturday morning.
  6. And they are habitat for the millions of mallard duck, Canada geese, American widgeon and other waterfowl that pause here as they cruise the Atlantic Flyway toward warmer climes each autumn.

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