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Перевод: widow speek widow

вдова ; висячая строка;
делать вдовой или вдовцом; обездолить; отнимать; лишать


  1. But because the woman was a widow and
  2. He gave his condolences to the widow and said that he hoped whoever had perpetrated this terrible deed would soon be brought to justice.
  3. When Louis died a few months later, Thibaut aligned with a league of dissident barons who opposed the regent of France, Louis's widow Blanche of Castile, but he soon abandoned the barons and reconciled himself with Blanche.
  4. Queen Victoria, in her widow's weeds, provided that kind of model.
  5. RENEE SMITH, widow of the late Eric Smith - "Mr Orrell" to most people - came across an interesting series of correspondence when going through her husband's effects which had obviously appealed to his great sense of humour.
  6. Others attempted to alter it, or to enforce it when land was left by the will to the children alone, rather than as more usually to the widow or the widow and children jointly.
  7. FILM legend John Wayne's hard-up widow is selling her luxury mansion and moving into a caravan.
  8. PEAVEY Deuce valve combo, 120 watts, 2 channel, reverb and phase with footswitch, 2x12 Black Widow speakers, totally immaculate, 260. tel: 0580 712406, Kent.
  9. " The Merry Widow is more my taste, and my sister's, too.
  10. "That is what his widow said," he replied.
  11. In some cases, it's possible for the scheme trustees to split the widow's pension between both wives, if the man was paying maintenance to his ex-wife; but the pension is often not big enough to make this worthwhile.
  12. Cruel con on widow
  13. Published by Henry Colburn for the benefit of the widow and children of John Macrone, CD's first publisher, 1841.

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