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Перевод: widowed

овдовевший; вдовый


  1. A part of this change was a fall in the number of widowed mothers.
  2. Labour will end the Conservatives' freeze on benefits for widowed mothers and other lone parents.
  3. in contrast, the number of widowed mothers with dependent children fell by 30 per cent.
  4. The first cohort of seven was as follows: a daughter of Salah Muhammad, headmaster; a daughter of teacher Fawzi, the Egyptian who had brought his family to Huaiwiri; a daughter of Muhammad Hammad the oasis nurse; a sister of Hammad Haiba, a trader, head of his household since their father died; a sister of Abdullah Muhammad, a conscript soldier, head of his household since their father died; a daughter of Abdulrahman Yadm, a gardener; a niece of Abdulkarim Faraj (daughter of his widowed sister), a trader.
  5. There was the black coffin with its silvered ornaments and the mourner who sat at its head this time was a widowed husband!
  6. There were no significant differences in the present study between the never and the previously married although it might be expected that people with children might be less likely to go into a home than those without any and the widowed, divorced, or separated are much more likely to have children than the single: 75 per cent compared with 6 per cent.
  7. However, 22 per cent of GP referrals and 42 per cent of other referrals were widowed, divorced, or separated, and hence had lost their partner.
  8. In 1802 the Reverend John Piggot sold the manor, and it passed through Hattons, Agaces, Ferards and Schoolcroft Burtons; from 1901 until 1920 it was the dower house to the widowed Lady Wantage.
  9. His widowed mother Jane had a strong hand in all this and, being a pious Christian until the end (she died aged 102 in 1841), was the perfect benevolent matriarch.
  10. For the widowed or divorced there was no difference between those with and without children nor any significant trend with the number of children.
  11. It was built in 1703 as a maison de plaisance by the widowed Marchioness of Worcester for her son, the second Duke of Beaufort.
  12. Widowed mothers
  13. It includes a first glimpse of Stonehenge and their eventual arrival at the home of another widowed uncle, Mr Morgan, who lives at Jefferies farm with his daughter Catherine.

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