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  1. Society in general is kinder too in its attitude to the widower, and is prepared to draw closer to him to give him help and support as he does his grief-work.
  2. TEENAGER Kimberly was the brightest thing in the life of widower Bob Mays.
  3. The other (the Thorntons) restored to life after long absence, consists only of Charles (widower of Kate's best friend) and his daughter, Araminta.
  4. This discrimination is based simply on prejudice, because the cost of providing a widower's pension is very small.
  5. The play, as Betty Rizzo observes, is a domestic tragedy in the manner of Nicholas Rowe, a she-tragedy The woman at the centre of the work is Terentia, an orphan under the care of a widower, Dycarbas.
  6. He was never able to relate adequately, as a sorrowing widower, to the two small boys left in his care.
  7. His great-grandfather, Nigel Carew, a widower with one child, a lad of sixteen, had remained cool and calm.
  8. In one shocking instant Tim, 32, had become a widower, and his 23-month-old daughter Sophie motherless.
  9. A widower's pension as a right used to be very rare in the public sector, although the civil service has now introduced one.
  10. The widower
  11. The waves that had deposited the hull and broken masts had carried with them a body - that of the only widower on board.
  12. Fearful that the widower will take his life, she rushes back to London, to a man grieving for a woman who once said to him: "don't be silly, there's no hurry, we've all our lives."
  13. A widower can become something of a "cause" to those living in the same street or block of flats, whereas a widow, although not shunned, may be to some extent avoided by all but the most caring individuals in the early days of her bereavement.

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