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  1. Beyond that, how are the implications of widowhood different for women and men?
  2. By fifty a married man or woman was as likely as not to have suffered widowhood, and would have already lost half his or her contemporaries: in contrast to a mere twentieth today.
  3. It has been suggested that the shock of widowhood for a woman is like compulsory redundancy for a man; and for a woman whose career has been as a housewife this might certainly be the case, even though for others it could prove a relief from the narrow constraints of their domestic role.
  4. For widowhood, for childlessness?
  5. She may know that she is not going to recover from the blow of widowhood any sooner than other women do, many of whom at least have a large legacy of happy memories upon which to draw in the years ahead of them.
  6. Many men escape this, for most of them predecease their wives, but the majority of women have to face the crushing blow of widowhood.
  7. Often the horror and humility of her widowhood would drive a young widow to follow her husband on his burning pyre.
  8. It is the occupational disease of widowhood, Alida had long ago decided, they are none of them self-sufficient, they have been cushioned for so long they cannot keep silent or rely upon themselves.
  9. It is the anxious and emotionally immature women who suffer most in widowhood, and if your elderly parent falls into this category her reaction to her loss may be very trying for you.
  10. But if widowhood is such a double shock for many women, why do widows survive much longer than widowers?
  11. Bereavement and widowhood
  12. The greater incidence of widowhood among women of this age means a much lower proportion living with their partner than is true for men, and a much increased likelihood both of living with children/children in law, and of living alone.
  13. Mrs Robinson, who a few months before had been the mother of a happy and united family, found herself alone in the world; an inscrutable fate had robbed her of the children who might have consoled her widowhood.

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