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Перевод: width speek width

ширина ; широта ; полотнище; полоса ; пролет ; расстояние; мощность


  1. Reformat it to a typing line wider than the screen afterwards, unless it will include a complicated layout such as tab stops across its full width, when the page width and margins should be set beforehand.
  2. The length and width will depend on how many will be using the punt at any one time, but always remember that they are not the easiest things to row, especially in rough water, so make a length of about 14ft your limit, with a width of about 4ft 6in. maximum.
  3. Keepnets too, should be large, not necessarily in length but in width.
  4. This list, by no means exhaustive, will provide the reader with some idea of the width and depth of foreign bank activities in London.
  5. The precise level will be dictated by your setting-out with the tiling gauge, but will usually be between half and three-quarters of a tile width above the skirting board.
  6. The channel address must have a numeric value between 1 and 8 with the output pulse width being defined by the decimal value ( 10S) of the following two hex characters.
  7. The sleeping quarters should measure 18 inches (45 centimetres) by the full width of the floor space.
  8. The daring manipulation of space, and especially of height, is deceiving: the internal length is only 131 feet, the width of the nave and the apse 30 feet, the width at the transepts 79 feet, but over the nave the intrusion of the cavernous tribune, on great round arches and with three windows to light its gallery, lifts the eye and leads it through while at first appearing to block the view.
  9. The width, the flat 16 fingerboard radius and the massive jumbo frets are the factors that really decide whether you like this guitar or not.
  10. The actual outline shape of the tail is of little importance, it is the width that matters.
  11. With shorter battens that only go partly across the width of the sail it is best to insert them before the outhaul is tensioned.
  12. It ran the width of the ship and was full of machinery.
  13. But, the width of the crack prevents this and the nut remains solid.

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