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Перевод: wield speek wield

владеть; иметь в руках


  1. Foucault (1980), like Thompson (1980), asserts that the criminal justice system is increasingly becoming an arm of the state apparatus, with the institution of policing beginning to wield expanding socio-political power.
  2. You do not need to be chairman of the meeting to wield power, various other roles and devices will also serve your purpose.
  3. I refused to let the nurse wield her scissors on them and put myself through gyrations of a one-legged contortionist to get them off whole.
  4. They can't quite bring themselves to wield the scalpel to maximum effect.
  5. ITN bosses wield axe on Julia's solo slot
  6. After all, if we were allowed to wield pints what else might we wield and where would it all end?
  7. I draw no distinction between those who wield the weapons of destruction and those who do red-cross work.
  8. Modigliani helped him with the language and, with surprising patience, taught him to wield a knife and fork, to use a pocket handkerchief and to mix in society.
  9. We cant take time to talk to the stylist before they wield the scissors.
  10. At present the unions wield 89 per cent of the conference vote in blocks, with the constituency parties taking 10 per cent, and the small socialist society affiliates less than 1 per cent.
  11. Men are allowed to assume a neutrality, to wield truth on behalf of everybody.
  12. Three of these so called Guardians are responsible for Scotland north of the Forth and the other three, particularly Wishart, wield authority south of this line.
  13. Anarchists and SRs continued to wield considerable influence into the spring of 1918.

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