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Перевод: wife speek wife

жена ; женщина


  1. And I understood from the hospital where Mrs Ross has been a patient that before she was admitted enquiries were made and you wrote back - supposedly in your wife's absence - saying you had no idea where your wife was and you did not want to hear about her mother or to see her."
  2. "I only wish," Rab said, he shook his fist, "the dirty craw, my wife and kiddie, I was a fit man, so I dae."
  3. It stated the soldier's undying love for his wife but also made it plain that he realised that they could not live in harmony, so they had better not see each other.
  4. John McVie's wife, ex Blue-Horizon label stalwart and Chicken Shack evacuee Christine Perfect, had joined the band full time.
  5. But there may not be any tax to pay on it if the pension comes from a former employer of hers, and if she has a National Insurance retirement pension from her own contributions the special "wife's earned income allowance" will be due.
  6. I could hardly speak, but I could snigger, for there they were, Changez's wife and his whore, chatting together about modern dance with Fruitbat.
  7. There was a very long story about him and Donald in the Rose and Thorn, a short, rather vulgar anecdote about something that had happened to Donald's wife while crossing Wimbledon Common and a boastful piece about how he, Henry, had amused some French sailors in the bar at the Mini Golf, Boulogne sur Mer.
  8. A senior partner of the defendants endorsed the articled clerk's advice: the wife later went to other solicitors, and proceedings were issued claiming damages for negligence against the defendants in handling the financial provision side of her divorce.
  9. Now, if the children have grown up and the wife wishes to embark on a career, or return to her former one, or if an elderly relative needs to receive full-time care, the roles may need to be redefined.
  10. The City winger had spent the day with his wife, who had given birth to a son.
  11. Often they have degenerated into bullying harangues for harder work and more discipline from Mr Ceausescu or, occasionally, his wife.
  12. Every Saturday night, for a good many years, he and George and George's wife Annie laughed themselves to stitches and talked, glassy-eyed among friends, in the bar of the Cross Keys.
  13. In marked contrast to his reserve about himself and his immediate family - his wife Helen and their three children - there is a wealth of information about his father.

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