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Перевод: wifely speek wifely

подобающий жене; свойственный жене


  1. However it is also likely that many "wifely" tasks such as teamaking and the bosses' shopping disappear, and that typists gain some protection from sexual harassment as they increasingly become machine operators, tied to work stations.
  2. I sometimes wonder if all this wifely loyalty's misplaced."
  3. Well, I was doing this for him in a loving sort of wifely way and he said, "Oh, by the way, I want to get rid of you" and I said, "Thank you very much" and he said, "Well, finish the trousers and post them on."
  4. I lost weight, had my hair done three different ways and bought a load of clothes that weren't me - all those classic wifely wiles.
  5. With the least little stress on "husband" she leaned forward and wifely felt his shoulder that twitched under her hand.
  6. Shortly after the meeting of the Long Parliament in 1640 Chidley published her first tract, The Justification of the Independent Churches of Christ (1641), a refutation of the arguments of Thomas Edwards q.v. for hierarchical, centralized church government, and a biblical defence of congregational and wifely autonomy.
  7. The casualness, and implicit disvaluation of her contained in that form, are exposed by her reply in verse: Even after her thirty-line speech of pathos and wifely love, describing his disturbed dreams, when Hotspur answers it is in the verse of public business, ignoring all that she has said: "What ho!
  8. Her tone is wifely, concerned, but not patronizing.
  9. Certainly it contrasts with the picture the women paint, in which the cult is an innocent healing rite designed to rehabilitate sick wives and thus enables them to resume their wifely roles with renewed energy and zest.
  10. "What a wifely little question!" he taunted before rejection hardened his expression.
  11. "They're all motherly and wifely things - thinking of others, wanting people to get on together, wanting to provide nice food and pleasant surroundings and calm everyone's fears."
  12. The courtyard design of Linlithgow was completed under his inspiration; it was this architectural gem of a palace which so impressed Mary of Guise, whose admiration was by no means merely wifely tact.
  13. It didn't hurt that much, but he pretended she'd got him in the balls, hoping for a little wifely penitence.

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