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Перевод: wig speek wig

парик ; волосы


  1. I wore a short wig in the recent production of Noel Coward's Private Lives .
  2. The bigger the wig, the longer the retinue of courtiers.
  3. I want slowly to remove his wig; gently to untie his gown; slowly, so slowly - and terribly, terribly privately - to whisper in his lovely, lovely ear, while he struggles in vain: "De minimis non curat lex."
  4. He wore no hat or wig and his thick untidy hay-coloured hair was tied away from his face.
  5. Recent vault clearances of over 2,000 coffins of the period 1729-;1865 from St Marylebone Parish Church and Christchurch, Spitalfields, 18 exhibit a change in attitude; for here, whilst it was not unusual to find wedding rings and dentures in situ , there were two instances - both men - of day-clothes having been used in place of the shroud: one in military uniform, the other an octogenarian macaroni with his walking stick, sporting an outfit more suited to a man sixty years his junior, as did the coiffure of his wig.
  6. Every time he drove the big Volvo along those crowded motorways he knew that one random police check, one brush with another car, one moment of inattention would have a blue-capped officer leaning in his window, wondering why he wore a wig and a false moustache.
  7. Among the clubs frequented by the gentry of London in the eighteenth century was the Wig Club which owed its name to a wig, reputedly made of the pubic hair of the mistresses of King Charles II.
  8. Stephanie, a mere stripling of 50, thought at first she wasn't old enough for her part, but two hours of make-up, a wig and plenty of padding soon solved that problem.
  9. "You were a right come-on in that get-up," he said, patting my wig.
  10. They grew a new "ear" on her stomach with grafts taken from her thighs; the scab on the superficially burnt left side of her face lifted off almost in one piece, leaving behind the flawless pink skin of a teenager; but even after a year in hospital and scores of painful grafts, the right side of her face was hideously scarred, her hair and eyebrows never grew again and a plastic plate fitted over her carbonized skull prevented her from wearing a wig.
  11. Old Charlie must have had a bit of a penchant for potholing judging by the amount of time he spent in every rock crevice north of Carlisle, but I prefer to suspend my scepticism and believe that the great man did indeed peel off his powdered wig and roll out a sleeping-bag in all the places that maps and local handouts would have us believe.
  12. As her hair had been squashed down by her David Shilling spotted hat, she put on her prettiest blond wig with the tendrils over the forehead.
  13. I get to put on my Sue Lawley wig, and Sugar get to tell me their Desert Island Discs.

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