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Перевод: wiggle speek wiggle

покачивание; ерзание;
покачивать; покачиваться; ерзать; извиваться


  1. With a slight wiggle of the hips he could get his pants to descend below his buttocks after about twenty steps.
  2. And remember, when you've finished you must withdraw it wiggle, waggle, wiggle, waggle, very gently."
  3. Intelligent music lovers require more than a pout from Simon Le Bon or a wiggle or is it a riddle from Nik Kershaw.
  4. Then wiggle the finger and thumb joints.
  5. It can wiggle sideways as well as up and down.
  6. To book a party please telephone or write to: Mrs P Wiggle at the Museum.
  7. On the other hand, a wiggle or a riddle from Nik Kershaw surely doesn't hold any aspirations other than being unpretentious entertainment.
  8. Black Blossom dared to tease him about his height and wiggle her huge breasts in his face to show how much taller she was by comparison.
  9. An array of permanent magnets of alternating polarity makes the electron beam wiggle in the plane perpendicular to the magnetic field ( ie horizontal in Fig. 1 ).
  10. Now if you want us to drive back in it, wiggle your finger."
  11. K is determined by the amplitude of the wiggle in the magnetic field (equation ii ).
  12. How can a beam of electrons that is made to wiggle in a plane with a spatial period of a few centimetres possible produce electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of a few microns?

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