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  1. Wiggler
  2. The precise wavelength (formula;) emitted by the FEL is given by equation ( i ): where is the period of the wiggler, is the electron energy in units of the rest energy ( ), e is the electron charge, B o is the peak magnetic induction at the electron path, m is the electron rest mass and c is the velocity of light.
  3. Electrons traversing the wiggler in the laboratory frame ( a ) oscillate with a wavelength ( ) of a few centimetres.
  4. Because the high power electron beam would damage the magnets, a magnetic transport system (not shown) injects the beam into the wiggler and removes it at the exit.
  5. In Fig. 1 the wiggler is planar, but a helical wiggler has also been used successfully.
  6. ( is the precise wavelength emitted by the FEL, and is the period of the wiggler.)
  7. Mirrors are placed around the wiggler to reflect the emitted light back and forth, causing amplification on each pass by stimulated emission.
  8. In the electron rest frame - ie the view seem from the electron ( b ) - relativity ( ) shortens the wiggler period by a factor .
  9. In 1975, Madey and his coworkers amplified the output of a 10.6 CO 2 laser by using a helical wiggler injected by the electron beam of the Stanford superconducting linear accelerator.
  10. For example, 50 MeV electrons have a , and thus a wiggler period ( ) of 5 cm will generate a laser output at 4 .
  11. The magnet array is thus called a wiggler or an undulator.
  12. In principle FELs can have calculated efficiencies as high as 30-;50 per cent when the dimensions of the wiggler are tapered to match the decreasing energy of the electrons traversing it.

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