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  1. A graceful wigwam of rustic poles supports the display
  2. A boy looked out of a toy wigwam and fired an arrow with a rubber end at the car.
  3. In even smaller gardens the only solution may be a bamboo wigwam smothered with runner beans, into which junior can crawl and consider, if not the lilies, why Mum and Dad are digging a huge hole in the lawn and filling it with sand.
  4. it became an American native wigwam.
  5. In the centre of the clearing where they have stopped is a Red Indian wigwam, the one Odd-Knut erected a few days before.
  6. They met in an undistinguished office block just off the Euston Road, two floors ofwhich were used as secure neutral territory for committees and meetings between Government departments who would lose face by visiting the other fellow's wigwam.
  7. Indeed, at the very moment at which Branson now engaged her in conversation in the Manor kitchen, her husband, Ronnie Leahy, was working in the studio next door, producing a Virgin group called Wigwam.
  8. Philip watched as the wigwam boy kicked a football at the snowman.
  9. When we have the chance we will camp Lappish style, with lavvus , the wigwam tents made of birch poles and reindeer skins, but tonight we are using a modern lavvu of canvas and aluminium poles.
  10. Tomatoes leaned on stakes, runner beans twined round a wigwam of canes and rambling roses rambled over their appointed places.
  11. "Look," she said pointing out of the window at the toy wigwam.
  12. Alice had the impression, as she rose from her chair, that again Felicity was dark and hag-like, her eyes glittering from a wigwam of jet-black hair.
  13. Out of the wigwam crawled the boy who d shot the arrow.

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