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Перевод: wild speek wild

дикий; пугливый; одичалый; невозделанный; необитаемый; необузданный; бурный; буйный; исступленный; неистовый; бешеный; безумный; шальной; необдуманный; сделанный наугад; штормовой; распущенный; безнравственный; растрепанный; находящийся в беспорядке; раздраженный; волнующий; восхитительный;
как попало; наугад


  1. Just as they were puzzling over the next move the man rang back to tell them that they were on a wild goose chase.
  2. Much later, I arrived back at O'Brien's Hotel, carefully avoiding a straggling pack of wild young boys, who seemed about to fight among themselves.
  3. Note the more classicizing forms of Josef Heintz, the curious nature studies of Joris Hoefnagel, 1575 - 82, and the wild, romantic landscapes of Roelant Savery.
  4. These are needs that they would not develop in the wild state, so they exist only in some horses.
  5. My reporting for the Times-Herald under the avuncular guidance of Fred Workman ran the whole spectrum of events, incidents and activities: I spent days at the annual Wild West Rodeo and Stampede absorbing as much of the cowboy lingo as possible; I acted as Master of Ceremonies for a fox trot competition sponsored by Cal Temple and Trudie, his business-like wife; I interviewed all visiting celebrities including MacKenzie King, the Prime Minister, and R.B. Bennett, the Leader of the Opposition in Ottawa; I interviewed Jimmy Gardiner as Minister of Agriculture, after he gave up his post as Premier of Saskatchewan; I covered celebrity concerts and the annual Chatauqua programmes, among many other things.
  6. Wild At Heart (18)
  7. The main point I want to make is that the only justification for treating the sick and injured wild animal is to be able eventually to restore it to its wild existence.
  8. Wild rice has a very nutty flavour and takes a long time to cook.
  9. Bill Toone, the project leader, spent countless hours in the wild, watching how the birds behave, so that the mannerisms could be duplicated using the puppets.
  10. The crowd was wild with excitement.
  11. The wild dogs of Italy
  12. Thus we produced a ratio of three sterile males for every normal one caught resting in the wild; but we could detect little mating between sterile males and wild females.
  13. then down the wind came the boom of the great stanchion-gun; and after that sound another sound, louder as it neared; a cry as of all the bells of Cambridge, and all the hounds of Cottesmore; and overhead rushed and whirled the skein of terrified wild-fowl, screaming, piping, clacking, croaking, filling the air with the hoarse rattle of their wings, while clear above all sounded the wild whistle of the curlew, and the trumpet note of the great wild swan.

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