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Перевод: wildcat speek wildcat

рискованный; незаконный; несанкционированный; не соответствующий договору; фантастический; вспыльчивый; идущий не по расписанию;
дикая кошка; рыжая рысь; вспыльчивый человек; необузданный человек; рискованное предприятие; скважина, пробуренная наугад


  1. LEGISLATION TO curb wildcat strikes will be introduced during the coming parliamentary session, Norman Fowler, Secretary of State for Employment, announced yesterday.
  2. Those sacked for wildcat strikes would lose their right to appeal against unfair dismissal to an industrial tribunal.
  3. The moves to stem wildcat stoppages, condemned by unions and the Labour Party and the independent Industrial Society - are thought to be the first time ministers have sought to legislate against the individual.
  4. A BUNCH OF FIVES (Wildcat Theatre Co., 1983)
  5. All I need is a wildcat strike over pin-ups."
  6. Sir: Can nothing be done to stop these wildcat strikes by escalators on the Underground?
  7. Tiny though she was compared with her assailant, she fought like a wildcat.
  8. Under proposals outlined in a Green Paper yesterday, unions will have to repudiate unequivocally any wildcat stoppages organised by any of their officials - or risk sequestration.
  9. An attempt to emulate such progress in 1987 ended in almost three months of wildcat action followed by a damaging two-week official strike.
  10. Wildcat then gave me a commission for what turned out to be Same Difference the following year.
  11. Small details, that make fishing a constant source of delight: a bank of yellow flag by a tiny burn; where mountain everlasting grow; secret otter greens; where we saw a wildcat; a peregrine's nest; rutting red deer; black-throated divers.
  12. After seeing True Confessions and Tickly Mince Dave Anderson and Dave McLennan of Wildcat Theatre Company expressed interest in my working with them.
  13. A first leader in The Times on 3 January 1986, surveying, from thirty years on, the lessons of Eden's stewardship in his early months in No. 10, criticized the new Prime Minister's tendency to kick for touch on handling coloured immigration and curbing wildcat strikes.

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