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Перевод: wilderness speek wilderness

дикая местность; пустыня ; запущенная часть сада; масса ; множество


  1. MR KINNOCK returned to his Islwyn constituency last night to give his most electrifying performance of the election campaign, claiming that, after years in the political wilderness, Labour's values were about to join forces with the popular vote in an historic victory.
  2. FISH Fish has now slipped loose of progressive rockers Marillion, but the title of his forthcoming album (Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors) suggests he's still thinking on the grand scale.
  3. Landscape painting is flourishing in Scotland today, artists resident, their subject matter possibly more valued than it has ever been with so much "green" and wilderness awareness.
  4. "Right," I said, smiling, as they slid the straps of bright blue nylon knapsacks over their shoulders, "we'll take a walk into the Berkshire wilderness.
  5. This does not explain why she describes the movement of a crowd as "hydric", or locates the home of Mr Castro's father, the Galician ex-soldier Angel Castro, in a "nouveau wilderness".
  6. These directives could have been intended for the landscape gardeners, whose services were much in demand at this time and who used roses in their extensive planting schemes to provide unanticipated colour and fragrance for those taking a walk in wilderness greenery.
  7. A grey, litter-strewn north London wilderness, high in unemployment, crime, drug abuse, homelessness and all the other signs of high-rise putrefaction.
  8. "The Master of the Inn", and "Little Father of the Wilderness" were two of these.
  9. This is the new generation of the wilderness, the generation which has not known slavery, and which will show no servility.
  10. All magicians can be tested by laughter because corruption cannot stand mockery; and when his daughter laughed at him he drove her out into the wilderness, and she lived in the wilderness with the wild beasts and angels ministered to her.
  11. They grew with his reading of Frazer who described the "Burnt Land of Lydia" contrasting with the surrounding verdure and marvelled (in the conclusion of The Dying God ) at "what may be called the Australian spring" where "the sandy and stony wilderness, over which the silence and desolation of death appear to brood, is suddenly, after a few days of torrential rain, transformed into a landscape smiling with verdure".
  12. And despite the Ramblers' Association suggestion of management etc, we have not made too good a job of protecting other wilderness areas open to the public.
  13. Nevertheless, because of the wilderness value of the national forests and the adoption of multiple use policies by the US national forest system, there remain conflicts of interest which arise because actual timber production is often uneconomic and many conservationists have argued against the commercial production of timber, proposing instead that such areas should be maintained as wilderness for recreation and conservation.

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