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Перевод: wildfire speek wildfire

греческий огонь; рожа [мед.]


  1. Published in 1969, this purported to be a record of a major American crisis and of the ensuing Project Wildfire - "the crash mobilisation of the nation's highest scientific and medical resources when an unmanned research satellite returns to Earth mysteriously contaminated".
  2. The choice will soon be between a total nuclear weapons ban, and a wildfire spread of nuclear technology.
  3. I'm sure rumours must be flying about like wildfire."
  4. News spread like wildfire, but it brought Burke unexpected trouble in that a man called Samuel O'Rourke claimed to be a friend of the dead Byrne and challenged Burke to a fight which Burke did not want.
  5. It is one thing to attack the Soviet system or Third World countries not yet under the sway of Western democracies (and business), but it is in these countries that the gospel is spreading like wildfire.
  6. "Tis not your whore's milk that shall quench my wildfire, But your whore's blood.
  7. The companies, distributed around the world in the nations where her popularity was spreading like wildfire, were run by teams of solicitors and accountants in turn managed by Kylie's supremo, Terry Blamey.
  8. The Prince made a short speech about the needs of the hospital, and then both he and Diana went round the room and spoke to everyone individually, with the result that the Wishing Well Appeal spread like wildfire.
  9. The message got round and it got round Haddon Hall like wildfire that I wanted David Bowie to be a cabaret star.
  10. Madge Wildfire ( Heart of Midlothian , 1818), AN 3.
  11. The slander spread like wildfire and was only checked when the drunk who invented it confessed in a magistrates court.
  12. For example, the NRA are talking about making buoyancy aids compulsory on the Thames and if that happens then the idea will spread elsewhere like wildfire.
  13. What do people mean when they say, "Spreads like wildfire"?

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