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живая природа


  1. A place for all kinds of wildlife to stop off and drink, it will attract them like a magnet.
  2. Kenya's new director of wildlife, Richard Leakey, was quoted recently as saying that government neglect had "permitted the poachers to have our parks to themselves as private hunting blocks with their vehicles, modern weapons and chain saws".
  3. ALTON Civil Service Retirement Fellowship's recent meeting featured an illustrated talk on wildlife by photographer Denis Bright.
  4. National Park Authorities should be given last resort compulsory purchase powers under new legislation on a similar basis to Section 29 (of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981) applying to NCC.
  5. See "Green Shields" in our July 1991 issue for more on the environmental agencies fighting illegal wildlife imports.
  6. Clement Wilson Park, Barnett Demesne and Lagan Meadows are rich in seasonal colour and interest, with the last being managed primarily for wildlife and education.
  7. It achieved tabloid status in April 1985, when it was on the front page of the Daily Mirror's conservation shock issue; and, as a symbol of wildlife under threat, it is a sure money-maker for such causes as the World Wildlife Fund.
  8. The thinking behind the wolf plan was to discover if they could regulate the deer numbers and live in harmony with the rest of the island's wildlife.
  9. Should you find that your roof is home to bats or other species, protected under the Wildlife Countryside Act 1981, you must consult the Nature Conservancy Council for advice on the best way to deal with them, for the minimum disruption to both the animals and the household.
  10. These remnants may be rolled into balls of netting and sink, or may continue to catch fish, sea birds and marine mammals as they drift in the ocean currents, sinking with the weight of entangled wildlife, only to rise towards the surface again as the bodies decompose.
  11. ALTON'S River Wey may be featured on BBC TV South this week as part of a series showing the effect on wildlife of the lowering water table.
  12. The tour will include a view of some of the former waterworks equipment and will provide an insight into how the rangers manage the park and balance the needs of wildlife with those of the visiting public.
  13. As Edington and Edington (1986) report, there are also numerous examples where wildlife populations have been adversely affected by recreational hunting as well as the particularly obnoxious practice of over-hunting of particular species to provide wildlife souvenirs.

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