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Перевод: wile speek wile

хитрость ; уловка ; обман ;
заманивать; завлекать


  1. And I can believe there is a link between periods and self-esteem, because if people are saying periods are embarrassing or dirty or vile, then in a way they are saying being a woman is embarrassing or dirty or wile, and that's bound to affect you.
  2. His wile, it was said, was even more so, and well-connected.
  3. Dr Ottokar Proctor, head of the presidential think-tank, and widely believed to be the architect of the Big Bonus, was unavailable for comment, although he is scheduled to make an appearance at a film festival in Tampa, Florida, where he will give a lecture on the Sisyphean influence of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner on contemporary American culture.
  4. My wile and I consider this to be a most fortunate match.
  5. Since 1910 he had been recording discs in London, and Raymond Wile's list of Edison Disc Masters (published in the Talking Machine Review from August 1971 onwards) shows that many mouth-watering recordings of London opera-singers and other treasures were made.
  6. Wile I happily photograph the classical palm fringed beaches of this kind, my feeling is that the good tropical island photography requires that one chooses a scene of paradise which records the fact of perfect beauty, yet, at the same time, evokes the presence of humans.
  7. In the roadside village of Waremquelle, on the way north to Sesfontein, the men wile away the days under the stinkwood trees, pools of shade and conversation amid the heat blazing off the surrounding sands.
  8. Never mind whether you think I need a wile or not.
  9. Now I don't suppose he'll never get to his home and see his wile again.
  10. I think this single gimmick was enough to provide the detection element wile Ghote's investigations among the more likely looking suspects enabled me, with diversions, to tell my story and to reflect in various ways on lines drawn and wedges advanced.
  11. What it says is Man de sw h by onne h mt sw h wile , "Man does as he is when he may do as he wishes", or more colloquially "you show what you're like when you can do what you like".
  12. Dr John Bradford was a judge at the Doctors' Commons, a very highly respected man at the top of his profession, and Elizabeth, his wile, was well known for her hospitality.
  13. Included in the sale is James Burrough, best known for its Beefeater gin, which was bought by Whitbread little more than two years ago; the Buckingham Wile Company, which distributes Beefeater, Cutty Sark Scotch, and Benedictine in the US; and the Atlas Peak vinyards in California.

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