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Перевод: wilful speek wilful

своенравный; своевольный; упрямый; преднамеренный; умышленный


  1. Partly, no doubt, the figures include at least some wilful or at least entirely feckless credit misusers.
  2. I was charged with wilful damage and assault and was fined just 100, equivalent to the penalty for a serious speeding offence.
  3. He did no wilful damage but regarded himself as entitled to go where he wished for the purpose in his mind without regard to the rights of ownership and the alleged presence of man traps and spring guns.
  4. She claimed to be doing it only for Jeeta, but there was real, wilful contrariness in it, I suspected.
  5. Mr Palmer alleged that in a "wilful, impulsive and reckless" frame of mind, he abducted, murdered and dumped the body of Mrs Wilks, in a matter of minutes.
  6. They are the first tribe in human history of wilful solitaries since the dissolution of the monasteries, but their motives are in no way God-directed.
  7. To some, that looks like an act of wilful provocation.
  8. "did unlawfully, wilfully and" This point will depend on the circumstances of each case, but if the accused has done the same act on a number of occasions, if he admits he did it intentionally or if he draws attention to himself etc. then unlawful and wilful conduct may be proved.
  9. And the mother may castigate the daughter for her unruly behaviour, at the same time betraying a sly triumph when she relates how uncontrollable and wilful the girl is.
  10. He lived a very wilful life, and the fear of chaos had always haunted him from childhood.
  11. There is a third point of view: that of weary or wilful ignorance, which has since banished the question almost entirely from intellectual discussion among ordinary, concerned people.
  12. And most of this catastrophe was avoidable; there was no inevitability, only wilful arrogance and a disregard of humanity.
  13. any wilful or malicious act;

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