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Перевод: wilfully

своенравно; упрямо; умышленно; преднамеренно


  1. A William Churcher of Surrey was sentenced to three months hard labour in 1890 for wilfully driving a horse and cart against a deaf lady, Victoria E. Brown, who had spurned his advances.
  2. wilfully self-inflicted injury.
  3. But to write as though the problem were one simply of petty snobbery and priggishness is, wilfully or not, to trivialize the argument, and not to hear the voices.
  4. Being wilfully deaf and blind these last 25 years, she would have missed the debates and riots which culminated in the Race Relations Acts and in institutions such as the Commission for Racial Equality.
  5. These sections do not cover wilfully self-inflicted illness or venereal disease.
  6. The tomato soup was lost, and there can be no greater crime on a mountain than wilfully to destroy the tomato soup.
  7. Michael Davis, J. who heard the motion by Shoreham-by-Sea Urban District Council, in the High Court, for an order that they be at liberty to issue writs of sequestration, held that it was not necessary for the plaintiffs to satisfy the court that the defendants had acted wilfully in the sense of contumaciously, with a deliberate intention to defy the court order, since the Rules of the Supreme Court, 1965, do not contain in Order 45, Rule 5(1), the word "wilful".
  8. I seemed to live two inches behind the front of my skin, that part of me created wilfully by my lovers.
  9. Alternately manic and twee, it has, instead, only the ugliness of wilfully arrested adolescence.
  10. It consists, essentially, of wilfully assaulting, ill-treating, neglecting, abandoning, or exposing a child in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health.
  11. They may attack others physically or verbally, screaming all the insults they can invent; or they may be destructive, wilfully damaging or destroying anything that is handy when they lose their temper.
  12. Kitty smiled, wilfully misunderstanding him.
  13. "I think that you wilfully misunderstand me," the editor said crossly.

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