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Перевод: wilfulness



  1. As he says in the Childhood , he had his full share of determined wilfulness to follow his bent.
  2. Her decision to reject an offer of a senior ministerial post in the Home Office will confirm the prejudices of those who regard her unpredictability and wilfulness as more than a match for her flair for promoting ideas.
  3. Having said that, I do know how overpowering they can be; indeed, I have felt myself withering in the face of a three-year-old's wilfulness.
  4. The wilfulness of human nature can be deceitful, and we can hang on to old ways like cherished thoughts or possessions.
  5. Now it's shrinking and the dye is coming out - look at the water, it's bright red - you see, you ignore good instructions in your wilfulness and laziness and pride and you pay for it with a ruined skirt.
  6. We create a wider chasm if the Christian view of humanity's sinfulness, wilfulness and downright evil is ever ignored.
  7. I find that wilfulness in itself is enough to make me turn away from something.
  8. His gaze met the intelligent green eyes of the Countess, eyes whose expression had all the warmth and silent wilfulness of her native land.
  9. Their memories emphasise his intrepid, iconoclastic, and freedom-loving wilfulness.
  10. A prolific spree of low-fi "unproduced" recordings followed, including the "Rocking The Forest" mini-LP, the overwhelming "Sebadoh III" LP and, now, the ragbag mixture of genius and wilfulness of "Sebadoh Versus Helmet", another mini-LP that includes affecting takes on David Crosby and Nick Drake songs and breathless pockets of beauty like Lou's "Brand New Love" and "Soulmate".
  11. It helps to melt away the human spirit of arrogance and wilfulness, replacing them with gratitude for God's love and mercy.
  12. This is particularly likely to provoke hostility when it is believed that there is an element of wilfulness in the old person's responses.
  13. She was in her late thirties, lean and strong, too neat and plain of feature ever to have been beautiful but her large grey eyes were intelligent and full of wilfulness and energy.

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