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Перевод: wiliness speek wiliness

хитрость ; коварство


  1. Turton issued instructions with the wiliness of an old fox.
  2. There is a view that is as old, probably, as the human race, and certainly as old as Homer and the ancient Greeks, that there is one ethical structure that represents right for men: a composite of manly virtues, such as courage, endurance, physical stamina, wiliness and political judgement, and a corresponding but complementary conception of what is right for women, womanly virtue being seen as a mixture of timidity, tenderness, compliance, docility, softness, innocence and domestic competence.
  3. But then, of course" - she pulled a face now - "I hadn't taken your husband into account, had, I? nor his charm or his wiliness.
  4. She was learning Venetian wiliness, she thought wryly.

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