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Перевод: willfully speek willfully

своенравно; упрямо; умышленно; преднамеренно


  1. NCR Corp filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Microbilt Corp, a subsidiary of First Financial Management Corp, alleging that Microbilt willfully infringed NCR's patent on a handwriting capture device used at retail checkouts for customer signature verification.
  2. From about late October this year it will be illegal to willfully damage a badger sett in Great Britain - although there will be exemptions under licence for some farming and fox hunting practices.
  3. When he appeared before the magistrate at lowly Clerkenwell, charged with "willfully ringing several door bells and knocking at the doors in Upper Street, Islington, without lawful excuse" it was said that this kind of mischief - like the Cremorne Gardens affray - was a "frequent occurrence".

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