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Перевод: willies speek willies

нервная дрожь; нервное состояние


  1. and used to suck men's willies in the Gents.
  2. It is black and gleaming and it gives his wife Meriel the willies.
  3. As a Sega owner myself, I feel relieved by the knowledge that Sega users have bigger willies than the chipolata Nintendo crowd.
  4. It was a common sight then to see several boys, myself included, stand at the pavement's edge, take out our little "Willies" - raise them on high for elevation, and suddenly direct the streams of urine on to the watching, gaping girls.
  5. When young supporters chant "We'll be running round Pompey with our willies hanging out, singing I've got a bigger one than you", or some other scatological rhyme, slightly changed to fit the time and place, they are doing nothing new.
  6. "They will go on about their willies and chopping blondes to bits, and who cares?"
  7. It is enough to give anybody the World Cup willies.
  8. This is standard practice in more tropical countries where there are "dust devils" or "willy willies" which can produce a 40-knot wind in almost any direction with little or no warning.
  9. More wicked women-fun is shown in Nicole van Goethem's "Full of Grace" (1987) where two nuns "find a new way to feel the love of God after a mistaken purchase from a shop in the wrong part of town" - they buy and ritualistically burn plastic willies.
  10. "It gives me the willies to even think about the rent," Dustin averred.
  11. Anyway, it became Big Willies Are Rarely Found.
  12. "Blasted thing gives me the willies!"

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