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Перевод: willing speek willing

готовый; старательный; охотно делающий что-л.; добровольный


  1. And which countries, one wonders, would be willing to finance the replacement of China's abundant coal as the fuel for its power stations with less polluting natural gas, or underwrite double-glazing in Chinese homes as a major contribution to energy efficiency?
  2. Pertwee's the only one who could put up with Hatton for a moment, but no one's willing to come out with it.
  3. Ten years ago, surveys showed people were willing to put in a half-hour in the kitchen.
  4. The critic may be willing to share an experience with the reader, sometimes only of the circumstances in which a work was seen, as might be included in a personality article; but on other occasions the critic may give a fuller account of a personal response to a work of art.
  5. The accession of the new Tsar, Alexander II, in January 1855, was followed by an outburst of diplomatic activity in Paris and London, since it was known that the new sovereign was inclined to peace and the allies were more than willing to bring the conflict to an end.
  6. Mayerling MacMillan's use of specific gesture Mary Vetsera gives her willing body to the tormented Rudolf (Fiona Chadwick, Wayne Eagling )
  7. Entrants must be registered students of a course in chemistry of spectroscopy who are proposing to attend the SAS conference if they win the prize, and who will be willing in this event to transfer the copyright of their article to the RSC.
  8. In sharp contrast, opinion was more divided on whether she was trustworthy, caring, or willing to listen: Conservatives were inclined to give her high marks on these matters while others were not.
  9. The family was willing in principle to loan or sell some of the most important contents of the staterooms to a hotel, but only on condition that they were given proper conservation safeguards.
  10. Mr Edward Fenech Adami, the Maltese Prime Minister, said his country was willing to accept the Lockerbie suspects.
  11. Yet climbers appear willing to put an inordinate amount of faith in a long line of brass nuts and then show surprise when they pull like a hot knife through butter.
  12. It is also clear that in some places, Marx at least, seems willing to envisage qualifications which are even more fundamental; for example, that there might be more than one line of evolution.
  13. I am not willing to be interviewed only to be compared with the chief executive of some Midlands council.

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