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Перевод: willingly speek willingly

охотно; с готовностью


  1. "Perfectly willingly.
  2. But just now she thought she would willingly endure any punishment if only she dared take her hat off without making it perfectly obvious she was making a pass at him.
  3. And ran errands for her willingly and without complaint; but no, I cannot remember ever having behaved particularly lovingly.
  4. They willingly paid cash.
  5. You see I am very careful in settling the Chronology of his Poems; such a Genius is a Curiosity; and one wou'd willingly know which are his first Productions.
  6. Like the British he was fascinated by the thought of obedience willingly given; hence his belief that satyagraha worked because it changed the opponent's mind about the issue at stake.
  7. With music going full blast he jumped much more willingly for Nutty, while Jazz got his wind back.
  8. Interviewees generally responded willingly to all they were asked.
  9. In this case an enlightened friend of mankind would save the intellectual because of his potential influence on thousands of human minds; the chambermaid is advised to devote herself willingly to the flames!
  10. For many years afterwards I was naturally very wary of any dog and, although I soon learnt not to run away, as this would only make them run after me, I never willingly approached them.
  11. But Kinnock is a fighter; he is no more likely to go willingly than Mrs Thatcher was.
  12. Willingly to School
  13. So the next question he asked was whether, to protect the young, sows would willingly accept controls as an alternative to being forcibly confined.

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