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Перевод: willingness



  1. At a number of times since, there has been a genuine willingness among some of the DUP members of the United Ulster Unionist Coalition to merge their party into a new wider organization.
  2. The purpose of this school work has been viewed as an inculcation of such citizenly virtues as national loyalty, ready willingness to honour one's duties and deference to the Establishment.
  3. A black-owned film studio is still a distant dream, and the Hollywood studios have yet to experience their first black-directed box-office failure, which will test their willingness to entrust big budgets to black directors.
  4. Beyond that, the future of the island will be determined by one test above all: the willingness of the republic to take stock of its past failings - and to build on recent signs that a self-confident and modern state is in the making.
  5. Even parents who were suspected of abuse retained a sense of responsibility for their children which should be nurtured, not crushed; and even the implementation of legal powers required respect, communication, the willingness to listen, and the desire to reach agreements - not least with the victims themselves.
  6. It should encourage a willingness to engage on common ground, where "meaning" theist and "meaning" atheist conduct an argument in which each understands the other and indeed may convert the other.
  7. And it was the filmmakers' good fortune that their first creative maturity coincided with Rank's willingness to give full scope to their talents.
  8. The lack of ambition in the output of slapstick comedies, innocuous romances and bland dramas from BIP demonstrated Maxwell's willingness to accept the economic constraints of British film production, while doing little to encourage new approaches to low-budget filmmaking.
  9. The SED underlined its willingness to leave behind old structures and traditions by abolishing the politburo and the central committee.
  10. Mr Ashdown reaffirmed his willingness to be flexible and to compromise if it came to negotiating with a minority government of either hue.
  11. Reiterating the ANC's willingness to negotiate with the South African government, he said the time was not right for the ANC to abandon violence: "The struggle inside South Africa and outside South Africa must continue."
  12. Perhaps the most dramatic reactions against central state planning and a willingness to experiment with market forces have been seen in China, the USSR, Poland, and Hungary.
  13. Our job seems to be simply to convey a willingness to talk, and gently test out whether the people involved want to start exploring their worries and anticipated issues; but they must never be forced.

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