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Перевод: willow speek willow

ива [бот.] ; тальник [бот.] ; бита ; щипальная машина


  1. Nurse Willow had already warned her to put it in the crib."
  3. Whenever I take hold of a woman I feel as though my feet are slithering on tufted grass and goat willow.
  4. The yearning for explosions of fresh leafage in the top-most boughs is heightened by a notion that lack of foliage may well be delaying the return of more homecoming birds: warblers, wheatear, chiff-chaff, willow wren, swifts and flycatchers.
  5. Wetlands under threat have included a variety of landscapes: swamps of tall reed or reed sweet-grass; marshes of rush and sedge, which sometimes develop into scrub of willow and bog myrtle; fens, whose lush vegetation is nourished by alkaline groundwater, and which range from open pools, often the remains of peat cutting, to grazed beds of meadowsweet and iris, grading in turn to the wet woodlands known as alder "carr"; mires, such as the mosses of the North-West, whose deep peatlands support sphagnum moss and heather, scattered with glades of birch, the favourite haunt of nightjars.
  6. Beyond the willow and the blackberry hedges was an untidy collection of huts and tin-roofed chicken-pens that Buddie had erected against the far wall.
  7. The big predator snapped up David's trout bait within seconds of it hitting the water under an over hanging willow tree.
  8. Two goodies for the whole family: if Willow (PG RCA/Col 20 Oct) never quite manages to fulfill its own fantasies, it is nevertheless an impressive box of tricks.
  9. Should you want to do some withy and teasel research for yourself, you might visit their willow and wetland centre in Stoke St Gregory where they grow 50 acres of willow and harvest it every winter, when the plants are dormant and the rods measure 8 feet.
  10. Shoots of alder and willow, pieces of old bone, debris swept by the wind - all had to be cleared before the turves were cut.
  11. Towards the centre of that area were roses and rhododendrons that had been left to grow like weeds, and a willow tree whose branches reached right to the ground to create a shady den around its trunk.
  12. In spring the willow, with its arching branches, embroidered with silver female catkins, is truly a thing of beauty.
  13. As a sign of their optimism they have begun producing artist's charcoal from willow.

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