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Перевод: willowy speek willowy

гибкий и тонкий; заросший ивняком


  1. Her long willowy legs splayed outwards into a balletic second.
  2. He was tall and willowy, but he was a winger of quality who had deputised ably for Welsh International Bill Davies before the 1st World War and, when fully competitive soccer resumed in 1919, he was Manager Edmund Goodman's automatic choice at outside-left.
  3. Down where the chef worked, a temperature gauge on the wall stood at 102 Fahrenheit, but tall willowy Angus, whose high hat nearly brushed the ceiling, looked cool and unperturbed.
  4. The rough is only about six inches high, but in 1961 it was three or four feet of thick, willowy scrub.
  5. (Diedre, of course, was tall and willowy.)
  6. It consisted of a willowy double branch of a tree.
  7. St Marie's is built on a small plateau above the wide Avon, and on alder-strewn, willowy meadow land, but in a somewhat awkward position.
  8. Whitley, a willowy former City banker, peppered his talk with literary bon mots and some distinctly fast verse.
  9. The long, silvery, all-metal kitchen was already occupied by two figures dressed in white trousers and jackets topped by high white paper hats: the diminutive lady chef from Montreal and a tall willowy young man who introduced himself as Angus, the special chef employed by the outside firm of top-class caterers who were providing for this journey the sort of food not usually served on trains.
  10. A beautiful willowy blonde, sun tanned and blue-eyed.
  11. Robert Fellowes commissioned Soane, who was building several houses in East Anglia at that time, to design his family seat in willowy country just south of Norwich near Shotesham All Saints, a village with a winding stream and Dutch gabled cottages.
  12. Dark and willowy, she has the natural grace of a ballerina.
  13. GIRLS as young as nine are dieting in the hope of achieving the willowy figures of models they admire in fashion magazines and on television.

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