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Перевод: willpower speek willpower

сила воли


  1. His face was puce with rage and frustration, but bearing a fist on the battlements where they stood looking out over the Sound, he brought himself back to calm by sheer willpower.
  2. So how can we get more willpower?
  3. It was also surprising to hear that so many found it possible to stick to this diet when normally they found themselves lacking in the willpower department.
  4. Because the calories consumed are in the form of particularly bulky, filling and satisfying food your appetite will not be sharpened nor your willpower lowered by actual physical hunger.
  5. I don't start drinking wine until after I have had something to eat in case the alcohol affects my willpower!
  6. You have already proved to yourself that you can find enough willpower to stick to this programme for three days.
  7. While Vincente was there, glowering over you, radiating fitness and willpower, the ball seemed to behave in a dramatic way, as though fitted with miniature jet rockets.
  8. Actually, most diets do work, it's only our willpower that fails!
  9. Confidence in God allows us to be gentle with others as we no longer struggle to assert our own plans and willpower over them.
  10. It was such a simple thing, to go against the consensus reality, but so few human beings could work up the willpower.
  11. "I explained that if I didn't start on something really tough, I would never have had the willpower to finish it off," he says.
  13. It took all his willpower to keep his teeth biting into the rubber.

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