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Перевод: wilt speek wilt

вялость ; слабость ; вилт ;
вянуть; поникать; слабеть; ослабевать; терять присутствие духа; губить


  1. Our old chums, the Fuggle and the Golding, are remarkably prone to attack by pests and disease, which is why varieties such as Challenger and Target - more resistant to aphids and wilt but less subtle in aroma and flavour - have been developed.
  2. We like the green landscape, the simple food, the reserved people, and our children don't wilt in the heat as they would on the Amalfi coast.
  3. If his taxes did deter hard work, the economy would wilt, jobs would be lost and he and his colleagues would run short of the tax revenue for financing their favourite causes.
  4. Moran began, "Thou, O Lord, wilt open my lips," as he began every evening.
  5. Teachers and schools wilt not be free to pick and chose.
  6. The stove gives out a good heat, the mantelpiece and the fire bricks become warm and perhaps this has caused the photograph of Arthur Balfour to wilt and slip in its frame.
  7. The difficulties of collecting taxes from millions of small-scale urban and rural producers wilt ensure that revenues continue to be inadequate in relation to the expectation of services such as universal primary and secondary education, health services, and transportation.
  8. It is to Bridgend's credit, their pack and the battling scrum-half Kevin Ellis, that they did not wilt when others would have submitted.
  9. They now grow Whitbread Goldings Variety, developed to be more resistant to wilt than the traditional East Kent type.
  10. When his pain became very severe, he prayed to God for his release, but then checked himself: "It is not fit for me to prescribe when thou wilt, what thou wilt, when thou wilt."
  11. Then it was Yusupov's turn to wilt under the strain.
  12. Replacements were also needed for wing-halves Jones and John, and Chapman opened negotiations for Bradford's Jack Crayston, a long-throw expert, smart dresser and fitness fanatic, and for ex-miner Wilt Copping of Leeds United.

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