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Перевод: wily speek wily

лукавый; хитрый; коварный


  1. There is much to enjoy in an unbuckled way in this basically commedia dell'arte wheeze of young lovers enlisting the wily servant's help to outwit the old guardian-in this it springs from the same dramatic roots as much of pantomime.
  2. It was a six-man heat, so there was plenty of scope for the wily strategist.
  3. I do not recall much of the plot but all through childhood and beyond I have remained haunted by vivid remembered images: little leprechauns in mad underground celebration dancing round pots of gold, leaping over plundered treasures; Michael and Katy skipping hand in hand through the fields; the jaunty, laughing, Guinness swilling, devil may care Darby with his pub stories, his sideways philosophy and his battles of wit with the wily King Brian of the leprechauns; but mainly, and most frighteningly, the dreaded death coach with its headless coachman come to call Darby's soul on the one way trip to hell.
  4. These wily chaps have realised that goodwill means having to show it.
  5. In his favour is the attitude of the wily French, who control the strings of most aspects of Europe's space policy.
  6. It is no green novice that top dressage rider Trish Gardiner is referring to, but Wily Imp, he class sixteen-year-old dark bay gelding who represented Britain in the last Olympics, and has every chance of doing so again in Barcelona.
  7. Stella Havard speaks to Trish Gardiner about her difficult but highly talented dressage horse WILY IMP
  8. But she was fascinated by their names: Cadge, Perks, Wily, Quarrell.
  9. Maggie had braced herself against Fenna's wrath, but dragons are deeply wily, they are tempters used to souls far more subtle than any fifteen-year-old child can be.
  10. The following day, the wily Lawyer gave his reply, expressing his people's wish:
  11. So who would Wily Imp be if he were a human being?
  12. They knew only too well what was going on in Baldersdale but Sam and his brood were too wily to be caught and the law could expect no help from other residents.
  13. With this achieved and with Rodrigo again in command of Valencia, the cards were dealt for the last hand between the Champion of Spain and the wily Moorish Emir.

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