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  1. Just thinking about his car made Henry want to hire an electric hammer and run with all convenient speed to Wimbledon, to fall upon its bodywork with screams of rage.
  2. One day a bloke came in wearing a rubber mac, a real Wimbledon Common regular by the look of him.
  3. PAT CASH, the former Wimbledon champion out of competition for six months after surgery on a ruptured Achilles tendon, plans to make his comeback at the Hopman Cup in Perth over Christmas.
  4. The West German boom, which started with Boris Becker's success at Wimbledon four years ago and was echoed by the prodigious achievements of Steffi Graf in winning the Grand Slam and Olympic gold last year, is developing into a national industry.
  5. Henry had tried to tempt him into making a racist statement by announcing that he had seen a black person outside the window two weeks ago, but all the constable had said was "You don't see many coloureds in this part of Wimbledon."
  6. Wimbledon could give Arsenal a lift by continuing their jinx on Liverpool.
  7. On the latter basis, it agreed to the LRT acquisition of two lines covering several miles at Croydon, so acquiring a link between two stations on differing London lines - Wimbledon and West Croydon.
  8. Wimbledon wanderings
  9. They ought to have pocketed three points in the first half-hour but Tony Adams, a more threatening centre-forward on his forays than the current Alan Smith, missed the target with two headers and David Rocastle let Dave Beasant save a penalty, much as the stretch-version keeper had done for Wimbledon in the 1988 FA Cup final.
  10. It rained all that night, but that didn't stop a visit to Aunt Marjorie's at Wimbledon.
  11. The winner was Rene Lacoste + two time winner of Wimbledon - "the crocodile" - the sporting legend was born.
  12. As he explored Merton, Wimbledon, or south and east of South Croydon with Arthur Hardy, "We had no single definite object now that no eggs were to be found.
  13. Another posse gathered around the referee in the 56th minute after Young's high challenge on Allen, for which the Wimbledon defender was booked.

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