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Перевод: wimple speek wimple

плат ; апостольник


  1. The effect was nunlike even to the headscarf which she wore indoors and out, like a wimple.
  2. The figure moved forward and one white hand came up, clawing back both hood and wimple as Dame Agatha shook her lustrous blonde hair free.
  3. Athelstan's pleasure increased when-he saw that Benedicta, her hair now braided and hidden under a wimple, had a small basket by her side in preparation for their journey to Smithfield.
  4. She stared calmly back, her jet black hair escaping from underneath the wimple.
  5. Throughout, as the late Jill Franklin put it, the juxtaposition of the rooms, invariably wimple well-proportioned rectangles, "works as neatly as the cells in a beehive both in vertical and horizontal relationships."
  6. Today, as a Dominican nun, she stays fully clothed in long white habit and black wimple, running a disabled people's home near Biarritz, France.
  7. Clara was the more traditional Nubile Nun, who would doubtless strip down to her wimple for the amusement of some City whizzkid.
  8. Corbett glimpsed red cheeks and sparkling eyes behind the wimple.
  9. Her white wimple covered nearly all her head, revealing only wrinkled yellowing skin that, combined with her dark eyes, had earned her the epithet "Lizard Features".
  10. Parti-coloured hose with cap and bells were not worn until the Middle Ages, and, fetching though Jilly's wimple is, she's going to get caught up in the blackberry bushes before the day is out.
  11. Dame Catherine stopped and straightened her wimple.
  12. She was dressed in dark blue velvet, a high white lace wimple on her head.
  13. A black lacy wimple framed her beautiful white face while her splendid body was clothed from neck to toe in a pure black silk gown, the only concession to any alleviating colour being the white lace cuffs and collar and the small jewelled cross which swung from a gold chain round her neck.

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