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Перевод: wince speek wince

вздрагивание; содрогание;
вздрагивать; вздрогнуть; морщиться


  1. With much hissing, hot steam started to rise upwards, making the woman sitting next to Agnes wince with pain and cover her face.
  2. When trying to guess where someone went when I missed him at the airport I do not imagine his thoughts, I try to imagine his situation as someone like him would see it, and think; if he tells me he has just learned he has cancer I may hear in imagination the doctor's grave voice, but I do not imagine the fear, I feel the chill of it; if I see him cut his finger I do not imagine the pain as something objective before my "mind's eye", either I look on as though the knife were cutting through cheese or I incipiently wince.
  3. It is offering rates on hire purchase deals for new cars that make independent finance houses wince - and grabbing greatly increased market share as a result.
  4. The wine's sharp sting on the grazes made her wince.
  5. Observing Raskolnikov wince at the idea of eternity as a bathhouse, he murmurs "with a vague smile" that he would certainly have made it like that himself.
  6. Wince!
  7. This car "wears its Rover badge with pride" was the verdict of the first road test, and with nearly 7000 miles having been added to the car wince then, our 1.1S has substantiated that statement convincingly.
  8. They had also caused Bristol much discomfort and penalties in the line but Ian Aitcheson, the recruit from Waterloo, barely made amends with a drop goal and a conversion for not only three penalties missed in four minutes, but a couple of passes which made everybody wince and defence pulse rates surge.
  9. Then she held out her hand to Eileen and gave it a strong clasp that made her wince.
  10. Sometimes he felt himself wince and it was strange because he couldn't tell whether it was the needle or his memory.
  11. With a splash his hand left the whisky and found that of the intruder, arresting it in a grip that made the girl in the bath beside him wince.
  12. Then she sat on the bed, trying not to wince as Louise rubbed cream into her thighs and pounded at them enthusiastically.
  13. They will wince at the idea of paying for their children's school books or having their gallstones removed, but think nothing of spending half a year's income on a car.

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