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Перевод: winch speek winch

лебедка ; ворот ; рукоятка в виде кривошипа;
поднимать с помощью лебедки


  1. But as Winch points out, Mill's assumption separates the person who acts from the world in which he acts, hence, in order for a person to act morally, he has to be shown that it is worthwhile for him to act morally.
  2. Do you think they will provide a significant improvement in traction, especially as the cost of fitment would more than adequately pay for high quality winch gear.
  3. On a car or winch launch, the pull of the rope or launching cable exerts very little stabilising effect, but the rapid acceleration usually ensures that enough speed is gained to have good control.
  4. Unless the winch or car is very under-powered, pulling up steeper on a fast launch has little or no effect on launching speed.
  5. Single-strand, steel piano wire is often used for car and winch launching.
  6. Miguelito scurried down the side deck, leading the port genoa sheet aft to the sheet winch.
  7. A Frenchman, E.A. Martel, made the first descent of Gaping Gill nearly a hundred years ago in 23 minutes using caving ladders; the petrol-driven winch drops visitors in less than 90 seconds!
  8. "Going about," he shouted and watched in amazement the crazed proficiency of the little cocaine addict leaping back into the cockpit to winch the genoa sheet in.
  9. This is not critical because at this point the winch driver is adjusting the power.
  10. He should insist that the correct wing is held, and direct the car or tractor driver so that they take a safe route which is clear of any hazard from dropping winch cables.
  11. There is no provision for a front mounted mechanical winch on the 90/110.
  12. This may cause an abnormally slow launch and the winch driver, seeing the other parachute, may cut the power.
  13. Then he dragged them out into the cockpit, making one corner fast to the main sheet winch on the cabin roof and one to the starboard jib winch.

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