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Перевод: wind speek wind

ветровой; ветряной; духовой;
виток ; поворот ; оборот ; извилина ; ветер ; воздушная струя; ток воздуха; запах ; слух ; намек ; дыхание; дух ; пустые слова; вздор ; газы ; кишечные газы; метеоризм ; духовые инструменты; дутье;
виться; извиваться; наматывать; обматывать; мотать; смотать; перематывать; обвивать; вертеть; крутить; заводить; поднимать при помощи лебедки; поворачивать; чуять; почуять; идти по следу; заставить задохнуться; вызвать одышку; запыхаться; давать перевести дух; сушить на ветру; проветривать; играть на духовом инструменте; трубить


  1. Thanks to the efforts of the breeders, the stem of triticale is short so that the plant is more rigid in the wind; grain size and quality are also vastly improved.
  2. It is doing so in a way that does not give wind a good name.
  3. But this time I am prepared for it and wind the reel - a fast-retrieve model fortunately - as fast as possible, dipping the rod-tip to the surface of the lake on my right and applying a massive dose of side-strain.
  4. And the odour can be carried as much as a mile away if the wind is blowing in that direction.
  5. I stick on my coat and jam the hat on so it won't come off in the wind.
  6. If there should be trees out there, swaying in the wind, then he would know that he had lost all sense of time and place and personal identity.
  7. By Svalbard or Greenland standards the bergs are small, but they are nice enough in their setting, the stranded ones, sculpted by wind, sun, and rain, are brilliant blue on their shadowed sides.
  8. The snows of Mount Hermon streaming northwards, the blue vales of Galilee, the brown waters of the Litani encircled us in that little cyclone, We could be seen, for above the sound of the gale we heard the clatter of bullets tossed by the wind against the ramparts.
  9. "This is probably my most important game to date, certainly I have never played in front of the kind of crowd that is expected, and I have never played at Twickenham, though I have heard about the swirling wind that can make life uncomfortable for kickers.
  10. Besides you need the wind shelter, the birds need the tree shelter, the pests need the birds and the soil needs the pests.
  11. The sound of the shot blew to Tug on the wind, and then he heard the shouts.
  12. Normally Baccy would have come in closer but the wind was onshore and the storm couldn't be more than an hour away.
  13. Yesterday he described as easily the toughest day, both because of a blustery wind and what he called some "very serious pin positions, many on downslopes".

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