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Перевод: windbag speek windbag

болтун ; пустозвон ; грудная клетка


  1. DPP bid to limit windbag lawyers
  2. The old windbag still had some spunk left, despite all the shit his dear old Fuhrer made him eat.
  3. This week saw the second of their massive Kinnockathons, which set out to prove at vast length and with exquisite tedium what Punch first established in May last year, to wit: that both Hansard and the cuttings files are full of daft remarks uttered in the days when the windbag was still a firebrand.
  4. The Windbag jibe for starters.
  5. But Grice provides an example like the following: (41) A: I do think Mrs Jenkins is an old windbag, don't you?
  6. "Is that old windbag gone?" a nearby voice croaked.
  7. Who, apart from a few latter-day Edwardians, is interested in a windbag with a funny beard, who wrote (at great length) about socialism, and whose (long) plays are comedies of ill-manners, featuring semi-melodramatic characters from a forgotten age?
  8. She called him rabble-rouser, windbag, fraud.
  9. "She's just an old windbag, she'll have forgotten by tomorrow. "
  10. I have no great love for Klaus Ebert - I think he's a pompous old windbag, to tell the truth - but he is Hans's father.
  11. member of the US Congress whom Martin Chuzzlewit meets on board the steamboat returning from Eden, a chauvinistic windbag celebrated for a speech called "the Pogram Defiance" which, Martin is informed by another passenger, "defied the world in general to com-pete with our country upon any hook; and develop'd our internal resources for making war upon the universal airth".
  12. The likes of Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Smith and Martin O'Neill have made good impressions, though Neil Kinnock, who got on famously badly with Ronald Reagan but adequately with Mr Bush, is still often referred to by the few Americans who pay any attention to British politics as "the Welsh windbag".
  13. It is at times like this, I'm afraid, that he becomes an English windbag.

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