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  1. The gneisses have little influence on the soils apart from creating local shelter, where the windblown sand can accumulate.
  2. Then she carried the basket to the washing line and unpegged the clothes rapidly, chucking them down in a windblown tangle (Ella folded things as she took them out of the tumble drier.
  3. One scientist, quoting a pollinologist, recalled: "He said he had never seen anything like it - windblown pollen mixed with insect-borne pollen."
  4. Some soils however are on yet younger materials, the peats and windblown shelly sands which formed subsequent to the glaciations.
  5. Battered and windblown as we were, we had to laugh when a coachload of tourists spilled out and hurried to the cliff-top.
  6. You're quite out of breath and rather windblown."
  7. Many areas of this terrain with gneiss rock outcrops amongst the windblown sand occur from about 10 or 15 metres elevation.
  8. There are five main subdivisions: dune systems, gently undulating land lying above the influence of the ground-water table, level land close to the water-table, eutrophic peaty wetlands and rocky terrain with windblown sand.
  9. The soils are formed on parent material of windblown sand.
  10. We had driven for five hours in open lorries through a rainstorm, climbing into the foothills of the Alps and then across a wilderness of a training area, with sharp mountains and expanses of harsh, windblown moorland.
  11. Rather more recently, plains of windblown shelly sand have formed extensively along the west coasts of North Uist, Benbecula and South Uist and in localised bays around Harris and Lewis.
  12. Pollen spectra from shallow peat deposits associated with windblown sand on north-east Benbecula and southern Grimsay (Whittington and Ritchie, 1988) also indicate the possible local occurrence of oak, elm, and alder in mid-post-glacial times.
  13. Lastly, windblown sand has accumulated up to a height of 150 metres, where rock-cored hills with gentle slopes lie close to beach or eroding dune areas which furnish a steady supply of sand.

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