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Перевод: windbreak speek windbreak

защитная лесополоса; щит ; ветролом


  1. Except for the toughest types, such as yew and holly, protect newly-planted evergreens by stretching clear polythene around four stakes to act as a windbreak.
  2. Without the protection of the trees to bind soil and act as a windbreak, the land can be fiercely lashed by landslides, earthquakes and storms.
  3. Nearby, several rocks have been piled up as if intended to make a rudimentary windbreak or wall.
  4. Turn sharp left 80yds before a conifer windbreak.
  5. The windbreak of pine trees which sheltered the buildings on the north side, creaked and groaned in the piercing wind; the treetops whipped to and fro in a frightening manner.
  6. With the desert streaming from their wheels, they drove away my windbreak and I dived behind the wheelbarrow, now lying on its side.
  7. I saw a bird of prey, a hen harrier, as intent as an osprey, beating her wings at early evening against a stand of firs, hunting like a cruise missile along the edge of a windbreak.
  8. First a sturdy windbreak of native pines was planted to provide shelter, the land was drained, the boggy ground reclaimed, rock crevices filled in and paths made.
  9. It makes a good windbreak too as it filters the wind, rather than encouraging destructive eddies.
  10. They were a little reluctant to do this, but knew that it would provide an essential rapidly growing windbreak.
  11. and they lift it from behind the windbreak, cradle it
  12. Frantic parents continued to hassle and swear and at last the stoat grew tired and bounded off into the cover of a pine tree windbreak.
  13. To protect evergreens from wind burn and desiccation in the winter, erect a windbreak made from a fine-mesh net placed on the windward side

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