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Перевод: winded

запыхавшийся; обветренный


  1. The copy that JTR must surely have bought contained careful if long winded analysis of world events as well as local news.
  2. He lay there for a moment, stunned, winded, waiting for a message from his numbed brain.
  3. Of the written words available, the Club's own records, in particular the minutes, were infuriatingly incomplete, largely impossible to read because of the writing, and either terse about something important or long winded about something trivial.
  4. Falling on it nearly winded him.
  5. He was by then utterly winded, and hoping for a respite.
  6. The first news of his condition was that he was winded, bruised and in shock, but likely to be passed fit to race today.
  7. Marie felt her legs give way beneath her, she sat down on the edge of the pavement, feet in the gutter, doubled-up, sick and winded as if someone had punched her in the stomach.
  8. Such was the force of the bump that Angel's horse crashed to the ground, temporarily winded.
  9. When I turned to look back at him after a short canter, he was winded and scared with barely enough strength to stay on his horse.
  10. His ribs thudded into the rock at the top of the previous pitch and he dangled, shocked and winded, over the scene of his epic struggle.
  11. As though winded by the story, Mungo climbed the mountain of logs in slow motion.
  12. In front of Ruth an old woman, not moving quickly enough to please them, was thrown so heavily that she landed on her back on the deck and was too winded to rise.
  13. James winded; his attacker sprawling over him punching, and thrusting with his thick trunk in a way that prevented any return blow.

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