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Перевод: winder speek winder

мотальная машина; мотальщик ; вьющееся растение; заводной ключ; ступенька винтовой лестницы; трубач ; сильный удар


  1. A wooden dash, manual window winder and plenty of chrome trim look pretty quaint now, and there's no missing the period feel.
  2. And what a cop winder does."
  3. "I know you're only a cop winder, but you're not from round here.
  4. "So what is a cop, and a cop winder?"
  5. You'll be taking over my job as cop winder, and when you do I'll be promoted to the looms, just as you'll be in time."
  6. She was to be employed as a cop winder, whatever that meant.
  7. James Winder, 17, the third member of the group, said: "We were all staggered.
  8. Choose a firm hold variant which will keep your style in place during winder weather and light drizzle.
  9. Somebody'd broke in, got in through the bedroom winder.
  10. You're a cop winder"
  11. Jenny Winder, 94 Greenfields Avenue, Alton.
  12. If the reel is still just beyond the range of the pocket, then make a basic winder from a flat panel, as sketched on page 53.
  13. When sufficient yarn has been spun on spindle or wheel, it is removed onto a niddy noddy, or skein winder.

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