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Перевод: windfall speek windfall

паданец ; плод, сбитый ветром; бурелом ; ветровал ; неожиданная удача


  1. Sam has stopped working but said the windfall would not change his life.
  2. WIGAN ATHLETIC'S mysterious new owners are standing by for an instant bonus - a third found FA Cup-tie at Old Trafford and the Pounds 100,000 minimum windfall it would bring in.
  3. Also a rather "contingent" factor gave Labour a political windfall: Macmillan's controversial selection of Douglas-Home as his successor.
  4. Basketball women net 17m windfall
  5. On the death of a bishop, while his spiritual jurisdiction and income were administered by the dean, or prior, and chapter of the cathedral church, the temporalities of the see - as with any tenant-in-chief during a minorityreverted to the crown for the duration of the vacancy; they were usually farmed or leased out to the profit of the crown and of the farmers who were naturally inclined to extract as much as they could from the windfall.
  6. But despite his 500,000 windfall, Christie revealed yesterday he had refused to pay 55 for a special visa to race in Australia with Colin Jackson.
  7. Why are we offering you the chance of such a fantastic windfall?
  8. DALGLISH: Windfall
  9. JACKPOT pools winner Charlie Hill toasted his 2 million windfall yesterday and promised: "It won't change me."
  10. But despite his 500,000 windfall, Christie has pulled out of races in Australia after being asked to pay 55 for a special visa.
  11. Added to a 149 million windfall from a shares sale, that pushed profits up 27 per cent to 113 million last year.
  12. He and his wife Shirley - who have a married daughter - will also buy a few things for the house with their summer windfall.
  13. He demanded a "windfall tax" on their bonanza and said those who gamble on currencies should be treated the same as horse racing punters.

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