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Перевод: winding speek winding

извилистый; витой; спиральный; петляющий; мотальный;
извилина ; изгиб ; поворот ; наматывание; мотание; мотка ; обмотка


  1. "I want you to regard me not as the last Viceroy winding up the British Raj", he told Nehru, "but as the first to lead the way to the new India."
  2. Since the turntable had a clockwork winding mechanism and the air-pump demanded continuous cranking while the disc played, you had to be fit to play a record!
  3. Tie each section of foam in position, with one piece of string, winding it around the plastic tube between the blocks.
  4. Corbett followed the captain down the winding stone staircase and into the main hall.
  5. Gedge replied, "Winding Shaun up" and Charman said, "Arguing with David."
  6. Where amounts are included in debt representing instruments in respect of which the claim that would arise on a winding up is significantly different from that at which the instrument is stated in the financial statements , the amount of the claim that would arise on a winding up should be stated.
  7. When our turn came, I could see the rifles and guns lying on the table and the long queue of lorries, leaving the land of oranges far behind and spreading out over the winding roads of Lebanon.
  8. Never again would it scorch down the winding lanes to the Saracen's Head in Lincoln, the destination for most of the RAF Officers in the neighbourhood on their nights off, or even just down to the local in the village.
  9. I think the Club's beautiful setting helped: a little village with squares and winding paths surrounded by gardens, on a pine-clad slope just outside Paguera.
  10. During his stay Modigliani strolled in the garden and often trudged up a winding road, overlooking the sea and shaded by palms and eucalyptus trees, to the village caf bar for a drink.
  11. In a gallery of stalactites, baobab roots seeking water winding down from the roof, we asked Sapan what the island was called.
  12. The Court of Session agreed on the issue of unfair prejudice but did not accept that, because unfair prejudice had not been found, it would be inappropriate to make an order for the winding up of the company.
  13. When the recent Rough Trade collapse became apparent, one indie label manager, whose records are distributed to RT told me: "Depending on the way things go, I could be winding up.

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