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Перевод: windlass speek windlass

лебедка ; ворот ; брашпиль


  1. In view of the fact that you may use all of your chain while anchoring, a windlass (not fitted on 32-footers) is essential.
  2. It contains 7,000-;8,000 products including the company's new Horizon windlass, which is sold in 1kw and 1.5kw models suitable for boats up to 55ft (16.8m).
  3. Mainly equipped for cruising, she numbers Reckman forestay furling, anchor windlass, upgraded primary winches, fully battened mainsail and autopilot among her shorthanded attributes, while creature comforts have been enhanced by the addition of deepfreeze, shore power/battery charger, second head/shower forward, T.V., video and stereo system, leather upholstery.
  4. Originally built for cruiser/racing with dual fridge/freezer systems, shore power/battery charger, anchor windlass, radar, autopilot etc.
  5. The outward signs of the disused mine workings beneath, the old windlass, the boundary stones, the ruined coes, rose out of the plain and showed black against the setting sun.
  6. The men operating the windlass for the portcullis cheered Burun as he rode past and, as soon as they gave tongue, more men came out of a gate-house and joined in.
  7. Roller-reefing, wheel steering, electric windlass, cruising chute, pressurised hot and cold water, shore-power, refrigerator etc
  8. As the men at the windlass rope heaved and a long timber started to rise up and swing, the wheel on the pulley squealed like an injured dog and the man stationed at the top of the wall took a stickful of thick grease from a pot, leaned out, and worked it into the axle.
  9. We rounded them up, pulled up the anchor with some difficulty from the sticky mud (when chartering in these waters, make sure you get a boat with a windlass) and set off.
  10. This very popular yacht, new in 1989, has seven comfortable berths, and luxuries include hot and cold pressurised water, anchor windlass, fridge, stereo cassette player and cruise chute as an optional extra.
  11. Her inventory includes rollerfurling mast, headstay, electric winches, windlass, Brookes Gatehouse Hercules, SSB, VHF, Sat.nav, Radar, Hi-fi/TV, etc.
  12. The recessed anchor windlass, spacious lazarette and large chain and fender lockers mean a safe and uncluttered deck.
  13. Sandy McGlashan, the windlass man, climbed down the ladder and came to sit beside Cameron.

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