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  1. The stunt makes those frustrating windless days tolerable.
  2. Bright and windless intervals, ideal for working, alternate with high winds, overcast skies, and blowing snow that keeps the parties tent bound.
  3. Deeside was enjoying an Indian summer of mild, windless days and skies piled with white cumulus.
  4. In complete contrast on windless days it is a case of using your ingenuity to make the best of favourable currents and limited sail capacity.
  5. Inspiration no doubt came from the Alps, where handsome, tanned young men float around below bright silk parachutes, framed by the sunlit, benign, windless, snow-covered Alps.
  6. It was a calm, windless and hazy morning as we left Clapham and headed up through two dark tunnels along the old Drove Road of Thwaite Lane, a continuation of the medieval monastic highway that crossed the Dales, linking the lands of Fountains Abbey.
  7. Choose a still, windless day to climb it, otherwise the name is likely to prove very apt!
  8. Blow-overs were a common occurrence in the early days with lighter gliders and they sometimes even happened on almost windless summer days.
  9. The night was mild and windless.
  10. And ahead of them, somewhere beyond the Waste, a great column of smoke was being made to billow upwards in the windless air.
  11. Certainly on warm windless days board games, comics and recorder corners can be encouraged in playgrounds.
  12. It hot, humid, windless conditions, effective sweating is difficult and these conditions can rapidly lead to severe fatigue and exhaustion as the horse's body temperature rises.
  13. The snow-light filling the house with magic as the white flakes drifted down in the windless silence, the splendour where the sun came out and the hills and fields and trees sparkled under the arc of blue sky, the thought of the things one did in the snow, tobogganing and snowballing, and building a snowman: it was all ecstasy.

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