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Перевод: windmill speek windmill

ветряная мельница; ветряк ; вертолет


  1. He rushed away followed by his laughing, equipment-rattling band in a mad stampede, but someone else was running towards the Windmill from another direction in a vain attempt to cut them off.
  2. A major constraint upon the straightforward re-use of a windmill as a dwelling is imposed by its circular or polygonal plan which tends to conflict with conventional cubical furniture and may only be reconciled satisfactorily with purpose-made, built-in fitting (Plate 40).
  3. The photogenic windmill standing on a knoll at the north-west side of the village is a post mill dating from around 1680, and is among the oldest in England.
  4. The eighteenth-century sawmill on the lower lake is being restored by the Norfolk Windmill Trust and will be fully open when restoration is complete.
  5. Said there was no need for a recce seein' as how we'd attacked the Windmill over there every afternoon this week."
  6. The Australians have not only a pavilion but also a reproduction outback sheep farm, complete with windmill.
  7. And, most importantly for the lads, judging by the roar which greeted its first appearance, he can still windmill his right arm.
  8. The pastor moved his arms like windmill sails to make his point.
  9. An example of such a conversion, in which the former windmill is only partly recognisable, has recently been completed at Ramsey, Cambridgeshire (Fig 54).
  10. The official ADN news agency said that Mr Honecker told the visiting Chinese Deputy Prime Minister, Yao Yilin: "Any attempt by imperialism to destabilise socialist construction, and slander its achievements, is now and in the future nothing more than Don Quixote's futile charge against the steadily turning sails of a windmill."
  11. There is no law of God or nature that says that a windmill must have four sails, and the independence of millwrights is best seen in Lincolnshire, where there are several surviving mills with more than four sails.
  12. Various types of windmill emerged, and it is possible to distinguish the characteristics of these among the survivors.
  13. Mr John Stockdale 1 The Old School House Windmill Hill Herstmonceux East Sussex BN27 4RU

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