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Перевод: window speek window

окно; окошко; витрина


  1. He got off the bed and walked to the window.
  2. He rose from his chair, walked to the window, looked out, then came back to the table.
  3. While it must be said the illumination does advertise the shop it greatly brightens the area with its window displays.
  4. In the cold light that streamed through the small window across his face, she saw his half-open eyes, his tongue licking dry lips, and heard the quick harsh breathing.
  5. Kathleen turned away from the window, hastily, for fear her sister should see her watching and began to get out the mixing bowl and pastry board, the flour and the milk.
  6. Glass shelves, fitted across the window, also make an excellent alternative to curtains or blinds.
  7. "Events in the outside world, as well as within the Community, give us an exceptional window of opportunity at present," a senior European Commission official said yesterday.
  8. He stood up, stretched his arms, took two paces to the window, and peered, with some difficulty, through a hedge of cacti.
  9. Willie peered in the window and wiped away the mist his breath was making on the glass.
  10. Mr Nick Morris, 40, a producer with Academy Commercials, which has first-floor offices overlooking Bridle Lane, was standing next to a window shattered by the explosion.
  11. In this way, the new upper floor is prevented from crossing the original three-light arched windows which serve the end bays of the lower storey, and the stair is prevented from conflicting with the central window of this range by the introduction of a further quarter-landing at an intermediate level that turns its lowest flight parallel to the side elevation at a level just below the window-sill (Fig 49).
  12. The requirement of the old London Building Acts was that an area of window equal to at least 10 per cent of its floor area should be provided to light a habitable room.
  13. In those days trainers looked like window cleaners and the likelihood was that when they weren't looking after players on a Saturday afternoon, they might well shine windows for a living.

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